Have a Christmas in July Celebration one to remember… Hinkler Parties’ Party Supplies can help you create a Christmas in July Celebration to suit you.

From 1 to 100, life is full of milestone birthdays worth a big celebration with family and friends. Whether you’re having a party and inviting 200 people or having a nice dinner at home. Hinkler Parties can help make it a little more special.

Hinkler Parties do all the Milestone birthdays up to 100th Birthday. We can also do custom numbers.

The one sure way to create a colourful and celebrative vibe for any wedding anniversary party is with party decorations. Any ordinary venue will be instantly transformed into a special place to celebrate the happy couple and their many years of marriage.

Hinkler Parties has the décor ready made for the most popular wedding anniversary celebrations – 25th, 50th, and 60th Anniversary.

Hinkler Parties has a huge range of candle and cake toppers for all sorts of occasions. Our Cake Toppers are available for Milestone Birthdays up to 100 and for Wedding Anniversaries.

Make that special cake look even more stylish with one of our cake toppers and candles.

Ho ho ho! Bring a festive touch to your holiday celebration with Hinkler Parties’ beautiful and cheerful Christmas Party supplies!

We have décor to suit any type of Christmas Celebration – whether that is a sit down workplace dinner, a winter wonderland, or a festive party at home with dancing.

Hinkler Parties is doing the count down to Halloween.
How will you celebrate Halloween?
Are you ready for Halloween?
Hurry into Hinkler Parties Bundaberg for Halloween Costumes and Accessories while stock lasts.

Every really Scary Halloween Costume needs fake blood!
Fake blood is a Halloween staple. A little fake blood can go a long way in turning an average Halloween costume into something really scary. We believe that adding good quality make-up or Fake blood is a vital part of a Halloween costume.

Hinkler Parties has a great range of Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum, Fake Blood and other FX Make-up to suit your scary costume needs.