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Tips for Celebrating Christmas in July

Have a Christmas in July Celebration one to remember…

If you live in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales or Tasmania, you know that July is a month that is most “Christmas-like.” Cool winds, even white snow in some places and all the various other traditional trappings of the winter season match well with traditional Christmas decorations.

July is an optimal time to celebrate Christmas – as December is still almost six months away. Yet, that doesn’t imply you can’t celebrate Christmas in July when you live in parts of Australia where the sun is up high and the coastline beckons you.

You just need to be a little creative.

Bring out your old Christmas decorations

The primary draws of celebrating Christmas in July is you’re able to reuse your  Christmas decorations from the year before. However, Christmas in July gives you an opportunity  to better mix and match your decorations with some Hinkler Parties’ Party Supplies in your colour scheme.

Hinkler Parties’ Party Supplies can help you create a Christmas in July Celebration to suit. Please call us on 07 4151 3939 for more information on possible Christmas décor available to add to what decorations you already have from Christmas.

You can enhance your Christmas in July Celebration atmosphere with a bubble machine. It’s a great addition to a winter wonderland themed Christmas Party.

Bubble Machines are easy to use, you just have to simply add the speciality formulated bubble fluid and plug it in. In just seconds the machine will start creating bubbles children will especially will enjoy.

Send out Christmas in July invites

While a traditional white Christmas in July is nice and all, a Aussie Christmas in July celebration by the coastline or lake is just as nice – if not more so! Invite all your friends and family to come with you and celebrate Christmas in July by sending out attractive invitation cards.

Sending out an invite in this manner lets your guests feel that the celebration is not just your average get-together where you just hang out. This makes Christmas in July much more memorable than simply sending them an email or SMS.

Liven things up with a potluck lunch or dinner

The obvious benefit here is that you take away a great deal of effort having to prepare the food yourself, but there is another more important reason why a potluck is much better for a Christmas in July celebration: the festivity of a potluck.

Everything becomes more festive and laidback for everyone when they bring along their own picks of food for everyone to enjoy. This fits in very well if the mood of the celebaration is to be casual and fun-filled.

Add a summer twist to traditional Christmas treats

Now just because you’re hosting a potluck Christmas in July doesn’t mean you completely escape your obligiation to serve good food during the season. This is why it is always a good idea to take well-loved Christmas classics and give them the ‘summer’ treatment.

For example create peppermint ice cream, eggnog smoothies and/ or potato pancakes.

A lot of websites put up quite a few Christmas in July recipes, yielding a treasure-trove of goodies with a simple web search. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’t serve traditional Christmas classics like roasts if you want to. You can still prepare your favourites, but a few dishes with a summer twist will help make Christmas in July a much more special event!

Push through with Aussie-slash-Christmas activities

Now that you have your Christmas in July decorations, invites, and food all organised, it’s time to prepare a couple fun activities to do while the celebration is going full steam ahead.

Fill up a couple of white water balloons and toss them around like a snowball fight, have Christmas carols playing to sing along too, play beach volleyball or cricket dressed in Santa suits – the possibilities are endless!

Simply remember to have fun all around and these activities will make your Christmas in July memorable for you, your family members as well as all your guests!

Let’s help you to make it a Christmas in July to remember!

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