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Hinkler Parties

Countdown to Halloween

Hinkler Parties is doing the count down to Halloween.
How will you celebrate Halloween?
Are you ready for Halloween?
Hurry into Hinkler Parties Bundaberg for Halloween Costumes and Accessories while stock lasts.

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 4

Every really Scary Halloween Costume needs fake blood!
Fake blood is a Halloween staple. A little fake blood can go a long way in turning an average Halloween costume into something really scary. We believe that adding good quality make-up or Fake blood is a vital part of a Halloween costume.

Hinkler Parties has a great range of Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum, Fake Blood and other FX Make-up to suit your scary costume needs.

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 3

Have fun with an eye-catching look this Halloween!
With the help of some Halloween Coloured Eye Contact Lenses for only $19.95 a pair, you can achieve a Halloween look that is extremely eye-catching.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a more realistic looking costume this Halloween. That’s the beauty of coloured contact lenses. You can stun, shock, surprise or scare with mesmerising eyes.