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Hinkler Parties

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 3

Have fun with an eye-catching look this Halloween!

With the help of some Halloween Coloured Eye Contact Lenses for only $19.95 a pair, you can achieve a Halloween look that is extremely eye-catching.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a more realistic looking costume this Halloween. That’s the beauty of coloured contact lenses. You can stun, shock, surprise or scare with mesmerising eyes.

Hinkler Parties, Bunderberg stocks a great range of coloured eye contact lenses to suit a large range of costumes.

You can go this Halloween as a zombie, vampire, alien, witch, werewolf, feral cat, an X-men, or even as the devil. Our range of Halloween eye contacts are just like the Hulk – incredible!
Hinkler Parties in Bungerberg supplies the highest quality Coloured Eye Contact Lenses for only $19.95 a pair. Get your coloured contact lenses to go with your Halloween costume now before you miss out!

With coloured eye contact lenses, all eyes this Halloween can be on your mesmerising eyes! Remember, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to wear coloured eye contact lenses – be a bit cheeky and wear them to the next party you go to?
Let’s help you to make it a Halloween to remember!

For more information on any of Hinkler Parties, Bunderberg Halloween Costumes or Acessories like Coloured Eye Contacts Lenses make an enquiry and contact us or call us on 07 4151 3939.