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Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 4

Every really Scary Halloween Costume needs fake blood!

Fake blood is a Halloween staple. A little fake blood can go a long way in turning an average Halloween costume into something really scary. We believe that adding good quality make-up or Fake blood is a vital part of a Halloween costume.

Hinkler Parties has a great range of Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum, Fake Blood and other FX Make-up to suit your scary costume needs.

Really fake blood is the cherry on top of many scary horror costumes, whether it’s being the un-dead like a zombie or a vampire. Or dressed up as a monster of your own design. Halloween is that one time of year when it becomes acceptable to look like you just came from a kill.

Get your makeup or fake blood to complete your Halloween costume now!
Hinkler Parties supplies the highest quality Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum, Fake Blood and other FX Make-up for you to have fun with this Halloween.

Whether you intend fake blood to use it for your Halloween makeup or add some bloody handprints to your spooky decorations. Fake blood is rad and an essential Halloween staple.

If using fake blood on your costume and not just on your body, we recommend testing it on a piece of paper or even old T-shirt first to achieve the desired application first time on your costume.

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