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Hinkler Parties

Stuffed Balloons for Any Special Occasion

Are you looking for a unique gift or deco idea?

A stuffed balloon could be just the thing. Tucked inside a clear bubble balloon could be your small gifts to surprise your loved ones, family member or friends.

This balloon is perfect for any occasion such as a baby shower, a birthday, to welcome a new baby in the family, a graduation gift, to congratulate your loved one’s or a colleague’s achievement at work, or as a pinata for the young ones in a party …. anything is possible!

We can suspend a teddy bear inside perfect for a new baby, or put a Milestone Birthday Balloon on top of a Balloon filled with smaller balloons. It makes a great gift or decoration for a party.

Everyone wonders how you can get things inside the clear balloon – Hinkler Parties Supplies can do it for you! Call us on 07 4151 3939 for more information on Hinkler Parties Supplies‘ Stuffed Balloons.

Let’s help you to make an occasion one to remember!

Hinkler Parties Supplies specialises in stuffed balloons for any special occasion. Stand out and give a gift in a balloon!

For more information on Hinkler Parties’ stuffed balloons and party supplies or to make an enquiry contact us or call us on 07 4151 3939.