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Hinkler Parties

Take Your Party Decor to the Next Level with Topiary Trees

Dress up your party tables with Topiary Trees.

Hinkler Parties‘ Topiary Trees are Handmade and are made in a range of different colours. Our Topiary Trees are a must have centerpiece for wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, baby showers or any other type of party.

At Hinkler Parties we make two different styles of Topiary Trees that you can choose to decorate with.

The first style has 12 mini balloons tied into a ball sitting on top. The other type has a single standard size balloon on top with 4 mini balloons underneath. This style gives you plenty of options as you can choose from any standard sized printed or plain coloured balloons.

Topiary Trees are great options as they look great for weeks, and they travel well as there’s no helium used.

Hinkler Parties, Bunderberg party solutions will help you take any gathering to the next level.

Let’s help you to make your next occasion one to remember!

From birthdays to special events and celebrations, we’ve got all your Topiary Tree and other decoration needs covered at Hinkler Party Supplies.