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Hinkler Parties - happy new year 2021

Ring in the New Year with a Disco Party!

2020 has been a year…to say the least. Hopefully, 2021 will bring about less uncertain and precarious times, which is definitely worth celebrating. There are plenty of memorable ways to ring in 2021 responsibly. Why not host a memorable New Year's Eve Disco party. Dance your way into the new year with a disco-themed party! All the Disco lights, bubble machines and smoke machines are available from Hinkler Parties Bundaberg.
Hinkler Parties - Christmas Party

Bring a Festive touch to Your Christmas Celebration

Ho ho ho! Bring a festive touch to your holiday celebration with Hinkler Parties' beautiful and cheerful Christmas Party supplies! We have décor to suit any type of Christmas Celebration - whether that is a sit down workplace dinner, a winter wonderland, or a festive party at home with dancing.
smoke machine at a wedding

Enhance Your Party Lighting with a Smoke Machine

Creating a Memorable Party Atmosphere with a Smoke Machine. Smoke Machines are the most popular and optimum way to enhance a parties lighting on the dance floor. Party lighting is much more visible when there is a fog and it can greatly elevate a venues atmosphere. The heated smoke (small fog particles) produced by smoke machines hovers for a while allow lighting to reflect and glow to create a beam effect. Without smoke (small fog particles) in the air, there is nothing for light to reflect off which leaves a light show a little uninspired.
bubble machine for parties and celebrations

Amazing Bubble Machines 100% Safe

Make Your Party and Celebration to Remember Get yourself a Bubble Machine create amazing bubbles without it becoming slippery. A Bubble Machine is perfect for children birthday parties, weddings… really any party or occasion. No matter the age of those in attendance or the guest of honour – bubbles are just fun.
Tinsley FX Transfers DEVIL HORNS $24.99. FXTM-603

Countdown to Halloween

Hinkler Parties is doing the count down to Halloween. How will you celebrate Halloween? Are you ready for Halloween? Hurry into Hinkler Parties Bundaberg for Halloween Costumes and Accessories while stock lasts.

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 4

Every really Scary Halloween Costume needs fake blood! Fake blood is a Halloween staple. A little fake blood can go a long way in turning an average Halloween costume into something really scary. We believe that adding good quality make-up or Fake blood is a vital part of a Halloween costume. Hinkler Parties has a great range of Liquid Latex, Spirit Gum, Fake Blood and other FX Make-up to suit your scary costume needs.
Hinkler Parties coloured eye contacts

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 3

Have fun with an eye-catching look this Halloween! With the help of some Halloween Coloured Eye Contact Lenses for only $19.95 a pair, you can achieve a Halloween look that is extremely eye-catching. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a more realistic looking costume this Halloween. That’s the beauty of coloured contact lenses. You can stun, shock, surprise or scare with mesmerising eyes.
Disco Mirror Ball

Bunderberg Disco Mirror Ball and Accessories

Make it a party and celebration to remember by getting a mirror ball. Disco balls are not only suitable for disco parties; they are prefect for any type of party or celebration. Mirror Balls are possibly the most widely used lighting effect in the world. It’s no wonder that the humble mirror ball is still a classic and is an enduring centrepiece effect at any great party. It has the power to turn any space into a glittering dance floor!
Disco Party Lights and Smoke Machines

Disco LED Lights Creates a Party or Event to Remember!

Disco LED Lights is effective lighting still does the trick. When it comes to creating an atmosphere for dancing, letting go and generally having a good time. Hinkler Parties in Bundaberg carry a fantastic range of quality and affordable Disco LED Lights. Make your next event one to remember with Disco lighting from Hinkler Parties, Bundaberg.
Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 2

  The Halloween season is the perfect time to be someone or something else. Halloween is the perfect time to be someone or something else for a night! If you know what that will be - search for that costume right now. If you are still…
Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Tips to Get Dressed Up and Celebrate Halloween Part 1

Halloween has officially crept upon us again... This year we will be celebrating Halloween on Saturday 31st October 2020 this year. Whether you're planning a night out, a party at home, or trick-or-treating with the youngsters, you need…