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Enhance Your Party Lighting with a Smoke Machine

Creating a Memorable Party Atmosphere with a Smoke Machine.

Smoke Machines are the most popular and optimum way to enhance a parties lighting on the dance floor. Party lighting is much more visible when there is a fog and it can greatly elevate a venues atmosphere.

The heated smoke (small fog particles) produced by smoke machines hovers for a while allow lighting to reflect and glow to create a beam effect. Without smoke (small fog particles) in the air, there is nothing for light to reflect off which leaves a light show a little uninspired.

Make it a party and celebration to remember by buying a Smoke Machine today! Hinkler Parties carry a good range of Smoke Machines at a range of different prices to suit everyone.
So don’t forget you need to purchase some fog fluid when you purchase your Smoke Machine.

YES Hinkler Party Supplies Sells Fog Fluid.

The smoke machine runs on a special fluid that will heat up in the smoke machine before spraying out onto the audience/ partygoers. It can either be a timed or manual push button release, it depends on the Smoke Machine purchased.

Let’s help you to make it a party to remember!

Smoke Machines are affordable and a portable solution for those that want to dazzle and impress crowds at any small-to-medium sized gatherings.

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