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Hinkler Parties

Amazing Bubble Machines 100% Safe

Make Your Party and Celebration to Remember

Get yourself a Bubble Machine create amazing bubbles without it becoming slippery.

A Bubble Machine is perfect for children birthday parties, weddings… really any party or occasion. No matter the age of those in attendance or the guest of honour – bubbles are just fun.

Bubble Machines are designed to produce hundreds of bubbles and blast them into the air – creating an amazing bubble effect. When a Bubble Machine is used in conjunction with lighting effects, the beams of light highlight bubbles produced as it is shined through and around them.

Hinkler Parties carry a good range of quality and affordable Bubble Machines
In order to create amazing bubbles without it becoming slippery, don’t forget the speciality formulated Bubble Fluid when you purchase the Bubble Machine.
It’s 100% safe to use!

Bubble Machines are easy to use, you just have to simply add the speciality formulated bubble fluid and plug it in. In just seconds the machine will start creating bubbles that everyone will enjoy at any occasion.

Let’s help you to make it a occasion to remember!

Hinkler Parties in Bundaberg have a huge range of Party Supplies, Costumes and Accessories. To make an equiry click here or call us on 07 4151 3939.